Abel E.

Pinar del Río, 1950

Genre: Narrative , Essays

Narrator, essayist and editor. Has been president of the UNEAC, Minister of Culture and Advisor of the President of the Council of State and Ministers. Since 2019 he is President of Casa de las Américas.Is author, among others, of the books: Don’t let me down, Galician (story, 1983), The birds and others tales (story, 2004), Flight of the cat (novel, 1999), Devolutions (2010) and Travels of Miguel Luna (novel, 2011). In 1989 obtained the Crítica Literaria award.

The Cuban writer Miguel Luna has fed since childhood the dream of traveling, to know other latitudes and cultures, to follow the steps of his admired nomad writers. But some kind of spell seems to keep him bound to home. His life changes a good day of 1989 when receiving an unexpected announcement that he should prepare for travelling to the remote and imaginary island of Mulgavia, a small nation of Eastern Europe. His ambition is finally fulfilled, but, as a proverb says, the problem with our wishes is that they can be achieved.

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